Mary A. || Alameda, CA || 1/26/2011

I own and operate another recruiting firm and have worked with Lois on several occasions.  She is professional, honest and a delight to work with.  Lois is very responsive, knows the legal industry well and I can highly recommend her services, even in spite of the fact that she is often my competition!
P. || Pittsburg, CA || 1/26/2011
Anderson Staffing was so wonderful to work with.  Lois is so professional and everyone is very down to earth as well as professional and always returns your calls and/or emails.  I was lucky and with her connections I landed a really great  job.  I would highly recommend Lois or any of her staff to anyone who is looking for a job.

Lorie M. || Pacifica, CA || 12/21/2010
I don't even remember when I first met Lois, it's been that long.  Whether it is temp work between permanent jobs or sending me out on an interview, she always comes through even when times were/are tough.  Her experience and networking with firms in and around the Bay Area is impressive.   Always a straight shooter she will tell you what you need to know to get the job done to the satisfaction of the client and her unwavering support is greatly appreciated.  She is a professional and yet has an eclectic sense of humor which goes a long way.

I would highly recommend Anderson Staffing to anyone with skills and the desire to find work.  Lois and Jonathan are the best!

Emily F. || San Mateo, CA || 10/25/2010
I would recommend Anderson Staffing to anyone who is looking for an efficient agency to get the ball rolling on your job search. Jonathan & Lois are diligent and supportive, & always make you feel that your goals & interests are their goals & interests. I felt my job hunt was effortless, & my current position they have helped me obtain holds the exact criteria to what I was looking for. It has proven me a great benefit to have both these advocates by my side!
Lara K. || Berkeley, CA || 10/20/2010
I have been working with Anderson Staffing off and on for the past three years. They found me a great temporary position that ended up lasting a lot longer than expected, which worked out quite well. After moving out of town for a few years, I returned to San Francisco and Lois welcomed me back with open arms. As soon as I returned she worked diligently to find me a position. 

She consistently updates me on future interviews and positions she has available, which have resulted in both temporary and longer lasting contracts. Of course when working with recruiters the work can be sporadic, but both Lois and Jonathan are always searching for a position that they feel I would enjoy and succeed at. 

The office is friendly and always quick to answer any questions or concerns I may have.

I definitely recommend Anderson Staffing!

Peter M. || Oakland, CA || 8/6/2010
EVERY recruiter is out to make money, I'm sorry if you are not intelligent enough to realize that, but that is how they make a living, by placing people and getting a commission.  Also, if one of her employees screws you over or does not behave in a professional manner, SAY SOMETHING TO LOIS, do not just bash her on Yelp in a cowardly manner.

That being said, I honesty have NEVER had an issue with Anderson Staffing.  Here is why I recommend them:

1) When I was looking for work Lois actually HIRED ME ON as part-time on her team until she found something full time for me

2) Lois placed me at a great small sized law firm in downtown SF and she was dead on with matching me with that firm.  I stayed there for almost 3 years until I went back to school and to this day think it was one of the best jobs I have ever had.
3) When I returned from SoCal and desperate for work, it took Lois literally 2 weeks, yes, 2 weeks, to place me at a national firm in San Francisco.  This was a full-time contract to hire gig and I was immediately brought on after my contract was up.

Honestly, any recruiter is going to have you take a typing test no matter how many years experience you have, and yes, a recruiter is going to try to get you a job quickly that may or may not lead to something full time.

It is up to YOU as the candidate to make sure you inform the recruiter what your goals are, what type of work you are searching for, whether or not you are going to take a one day or 3 week assignment, etc.

Christian E. || San Francisco, CA || 7/8/2010

I've been trying to find a job for the longest time. I have been unemployed since November and since then I have been doing various temp assignments. I registered at Anderson Staffing Inc. and was given a temp position at a law firm in the Financial District.  Lois, who owns Anderson Staffing, is so friendly and approachable. The assignment turned into a temp to hire and I was recently hired by the law firm. I am so happy- Kudos to Lois! 

Portland C. || San Francisco, CA || Updated - 8/27/2009
To anyone out there who wants a dedicated , professional experience and someone who is totally "connected with the San Francisco Scene", Anderson Staffing and Lois Anderson is really great.  I have been a member of this agency for more than 12 years and I am very happy with the experience on every level.  I have been working steadily but Lois and I talk on an on-going basis and she still calls me for short assignments if I can fit them in.  Thank you Lois for being there.

James P. || San Francisco, CA || Updated - 5/20/2009
I love Anderson Staffing! Lois is amazing and has helped me find multiple jobs, including the one that I've been working at for the last 2 months. I would recommend anyone looking for a job in these tough times to go to Anderson Staffing.

Previous review: 2/21/2009   I went to Anderson staffing and was literally given Anderson staffing is truly the best employment agency in the Bay Area. Lois and Jonathan are professional straight-forward recruiters with a long-standing reputation that distinguishes them from the rest. They do a great job of keeping you informed about job openings via telephone/email, and they strive to match you up with employers that are compatible to your skill set. They also do a great job to see that you are fairly compensated which many other agencies will not do. They helped me gain full-time employment at a great company and I will forever be thankful to everyone at Anderson Staffing. Keep up the great work!