Gisele X.

Sacramento, CA

[5.0 star rating]

When you work with a recruiter, they have to have faith in you and believe in you - and with that, a great recruiter will get you a great job. Lois and Jonathan are exactly that - great recruiters. I've worked with Lois a couple times over the past few years, and each time it has been a success.  Lois and Jonathan have placed me at great firms and are genuinely interested in my success.

If you are looking for work in the legal field and haven't met with Lois and her Recruiting Mgr Jonathan, then you need to put that on your priority list.  Employers should pay her a visit as well.  I can see that she tends to all of her clients and candidates with the right approach and has long standing, great connections!  This is evidenced by the great law firms and multiple friends of mine utilizing her services over the past several years.

Let Anderson Staffing know Gisele sent you - networking is the best way to find work and/or employees + utilizing a great recruiter will set you up for success!!  Never underestimate the power of the ultimate matchmaker - a great legal recruiter!

I also want to share that if you feel you don't need to take any spelling, typing or skill tests - then you probably aren't any good anyhow.  You should be proud to prove your skills and earn your recruiter's confidence regardless of how much experience you have.  Often those who are in their field for a long time are complacent and their skills wane, sharpen your skills and be willing!  While it is true some folks don't test well, prove your talents any way you can. The more resistance or resentment that you express, the less likely someone will want to work with you. If you are willing to prove your talents, the better your opportunities will be!  Good luck!

David E.

Burlingame, CA

[5.0 star rating]

I'm part of a small litigation firm, and our staffing needs vary wildly depending on what's settling and what's going to trial.  We recently had a huge settlement fall through at the last minute, leaving us with a tremendous amount of trial preparation work to do - quickly.  We tried Anderson Staffing and were pleasantly surprised at how responsive and personable they were.  Lois Anderson was always available and provided us with qualified (and really nice) candidates very quickly.  She really helped us out of a pinch.  I know that all sorts of employees with all kinds of dispositions and work ethics (or lack thereof) show up at Lois' door, but I was pleased that she filtered out those who simply weren't qualified (professionally or personally).  We will definitely use Anderson again.

Justin R

Hayward, CA

[5.0 star rating]

Lois was great in immediately connecting me with an employer who was interested in my success. I came into her office were we went over my resume and experience. After going over my qualifications she talked with the employer and I was sent to their office for an interview were I was extended an offer.

I worked with several temp/staffing agencies and many of them don't have a genuine concern about the people they provide employment for. While working with Lois to find employment, Lois called me in and out updating me on her progress and other prospectives that were out there. Other agencies, I have worked with hardly communicate with you or follow up with you even if you didn't get the job.

I'm thankful for Lois and her service, I have recommended most of my friends and family to her service